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Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is a short term, high value driven approach that aims to deliver high-priority, high-effiency and high-quality work as quickly as possible in a flexible and economical way.

Business Intelligence Solutions

We provide expertise to transform your raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis.  We are BI tool agnostic and provide strategic guidance on what would work best for our clients based on their BI road map and vision.

Consulting Project Management Services

Our Project Managers have extensive experience and knowledge and experience and provide assistance to  organizations to improve their practice of project management by follow PMBoK standards and methodology.

Agile Project Management

Intelligent, Iterative, Efficient and Economical way of Project Management.

TechnoGuru Corporation offers Specialized Project Management Consultancy to our clients.  We believe that Agile Project Management Methodology under the Agile Framework works best for quick and iterative development of Business Intelligence Solutions.

TechnoGuru’s Project Managers are well trained in the principles of Agile Project Management and various Agile Methodologies such as Scrum, DSDM Atern, Lean, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), Feature Driven Development and Test Driven Development (FDD & TDD) and they are well equipped to manage multiple agile projects.

Our Agile Project Managers will also coach the client teams in the best practices of Agile Values and Principles as a part of engagement.

TechnoGuru Agile Project Managers will work with the clients to conduct the following Agile Ceremonies for each project.

Strategy & Release Planning

  • Release Planning – (4 to 8 hours on an average).

Agile Ceremonies

  • Iteration Planning – (1 hour planning for each week length of iteration)
  • Daily Stand Up – (15 Minutes daily)
  • Iteration Review – (60 Minutes)
  • Retrospective Meeting – (60 Minutes)

Monitoring & Controlling – Removing impediments Daily

  • Approximately about 2 hours daily  (Variable depending on severity of issues, risks, availability of stakeholders etc).

Total Time Per Project Iteration per week  approximately:  12.25 hours per week.

TechnoGuru Agile PM Benefits

  • Flexibility – We provide our clients the benefit of selecting the number of projects they would like our Agile PM’s to manage.
  • Cost Savings – Why pay for 40 hours a week when there is only 1 project to manage so our clients can select as an example a block of 15 hours / week dedicate to the single project iteration.
  • Scalability – When further projects are sanctioned, our Agile PM’s can be assigned additional projects hours and in the case a project is rolled off then those hours will be taken off and the money saved for any future initiatives.
  • Additional Benefits – Building relationships with stakeholders and understanding of clients environment eliminating the ramp up time costs and the time needed to build a repertioire and good will with the stakeholders for the PM as well IT Departments.

Business Intelligence Solutions

SSA / Data Modeling / ETL / EDW-Cloud EDW / BI / Dashboards / Reports

TechnoGuru Corporation offers specialized Business Intelligence Consultancy & Advisory Services to our clients.

No matter the size of business, there are a tonne of economical solutions that one can utilize to increase business, but which one to choose?

Our TechnoGuru BI Specialists can provide an assessment and recommendation  that will address these questions.

BI Solution Selection

  • What are the cost of the solution vs benefits that our business can get?
  • What is the quality of data that is available and will that be good for the BI solution we seek?
  • Where to store the data based on the business we have ?  On-Premise of in Cloud?
  • Should I get Tableau or PowerBI they are easy to work with , or should I go with a Cloud Solution or SAP BOBJ or Oracle OBIEE as we have these in-house, we also have IBM or HP solutions should we choose those?
  • What are the security concerns around the data?  How much does that change if we use a cloud solution?
  • I am a small business but I do want someone professional to help me set up a BI solution what would be the most economical solution for my small business?

BI Best Practices

  • Source System Analysis – The study of data and the different systems its coming from and the quality of the data.
  • Data Modeling – Close study to ensure that best practices have been used for Data Modeling.  Offer suggestions on where to improve.
  • ETL – Study the Data Modeling ETL Logic and see if there is anything there that can be done to improve performance such as moving the logic to the Source System or in the Data Modeling process.
  • In Premise Data Warehouse / Cloud Data Warehouse – Studying the Dimension Modeling such as star schema, join’s, time dimensions, real time data requirements, performance and offering suggestions on techniques to implement to improve performance and to ensure that Best Practices of EDW have been implemented.
  • Dashboards / Reports / BI – Tableau, SAP BOBJ, Oracle OBIEE, Qlik, Domo, Excel, Reports.  Which tool to select based on my needs?  What about Security and overhead processing and the skills available in my organization?  What BI solution would be the best bang for my buck for my organization keeping in mind our BI Road Map.  Would an IT Tool work better as we have Enterprise level security concerns or as per our road map, we want to enable our uses to create their own Reports or Dashboards?

TechnoGuru Corporation is BI software tool agnostic.  We will provide the most objective recommendation of the Business Solution that would work best in your organization.

Consulting Services

Project Managing PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP BOBJ, SAP HANA, COTS Solutions

TechnoGuru Corporation offers Project Management Consulting Service to our clients.  Agile Project Management does not work in all cases and we need some good traditional Project Management that follow PMBoK philosophy.  We believe that all business small, medium or large, will benefit from good Project Management services.


TechnoGuru Professionals

TechnoGuru Corporation

We are a niche Canadian favicon Agile Project Management & Business Intelligence company, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Issue at hand:

In today’s fast changing world of technology, business require information at their finger tips.  They want to know what is the pulse of their companies at that very moment.  Databases are getting faster and in-memory, new technologies are being used to crunch vast amounts of data (big data) to find out the trends, apply algorithms, machine learning and applying statistical models and data sciences to get an understanding of what their customers are seeking or looking for.  With the advent of cloud based technologies, companies are scrambling to make sense of it all.  These new and disruptive technologies to the old way of thinking and doing business are now getting obsolete at an extremely rapid pace.  With this, the old way of Project Managing is also changing as time to market has become extremely important.  This is one of the primary reasons a new style of Project Management is coming to the fore which is called Agile Project Management.  Certain aspects of Agile at the surface seem to be contradictory to how Traditional SDLC Project Management was being practiced.  A new breed of Agile Project Managers with new skills has become the need of the hour especially in Business Intelligence and DevOps world.

What we do at TechnoGuru?

Now that the issue is clear, we at TechnoGuru Corporation have found our niche in this specialized area of Agile Project Management and our aim is to help our clients get their products, projects, BI Solutions planned and executed in an agile and iterative way enabling them to achieve business success.

The TechnoGuru Philosophy

We are a niche Canadianfavicon-2 company, agile and growing with an aggressive vision.  We are hungry to create our brand in an already competitive market place and we will do that brick by brick by adding value to our clients by the means of excellent quality hard work and efficient Project Management and let our actions speak louder than words.


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